Scalable solutions for IoT devices

Today’s IoT devices must be designed with advanced security technology to protect the integrity and access of the device, as well as the confidentiality, authenticity and availability of their data.

IoT system developers must determine the level of protection needed in order to ensure product compliance with applicable security standards and regulations, as well as product user expectations and company risk management policies to prevent local and remote attacks.

Explore NXP’s broad portfolio of scalable security solutions which provide a foundation for achieving the most effective security levels at IoT end nodes and edge nodes, while facilitating their deployment in complex, multi-party IoT ecosystems.

As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP understands the requirements for driving end-to-end security and privacy in smart connected solutions for IoT markets.

Security Architectures Supported by Our Product Portfolio

NXP’s vast portfolio is uniquely positioned to provide end to end security solutions for IoT edge and end node devices spanning processing, integration and security capabilities. With unmatched breadth of solutions and reach of customer base, NXP is steering IoT security.

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Explore These Resources to Secure the Edge

The IoT is now an everyday reality. From utility infrastructures, industrial control applications, and medical equipment to smart-home appliances, fitness bracelets, and bike-sharing services today's IoT is all around us.

A New Kind of IoT Security

Comprehensive overview of today’s IoT and its opportunities and risks, explaining why true protection starts with security at the silicon level and how NXP supports the ‘Plug & Trust’ approach to IoT Security.

i.MX RT Security hardening for the crossover processor

The secure boot, or the authentication of application software upon every system start up is an essential component for the IoT design. With the i.MX RT and its associated software and tools for secure boot, common barriers for achieving end-to-end security have been removed.

What's New


The Democratization of Secure Boot

In the IoT, every transaction -- whether it be machine-to-machine or human-to-machine -- must be protected for confidentiality, integrity and availability. With i.MX RT family of devices, the essential components needed to integrate a secure boot are delivered.


Securing today's IoT

Get insights why security is becoming critical to IoT and learn how NXP’s latest A71CH ‘Plug & Trust’ secure element simplifies the implementation of strong security mechanisms in today’s IoT devices.


NXP Secures the Edge with Two Industry-First Multi-Core Arm Cortex-M33 Solutions

New platforms LPC5500 and i.MX RT600 unify security subsystems and software ecosystem – features secure execution environment (SEE) to give developers access to unprecedented security capabilities.