Industrial IoT (IIoT) is improving efficiency, safety and overall costs across industry. At its core, data is acquired, analyzed and turned into actionable insights for real-time response. But IIoT devices and infrastructure are high-value cyber targets, and a compromise could lead to adverse financial, safety and environmental outcomes. At NXP, we believe that security must be considered from the start of the design for optimal protection. Our world-class security engineering expertise, proven processes and understanding of emerging trends are just a few reasons why we deliver some of the most trusted solutions to meet your security needs.

Security-by-Design for Industry

Security-by-Design for Industry Image


NXP and its products are designed to be compliant with relevant standards and regulations. NXP recently achieved IEC 62443-4-1 certifications  – and select products achieved 4-2 and comply with SESIP  security evaluation methodology.


We focus on security holistically across our company. Security-by-design is an integral part of our development process and a product security incident response team is on standby to address security for products in use.


Strategies for comprehensive cyber resilience and recovery are quickly becoming a requirement as embedded connected devices are becoming an attractive target for cyber attacks – and this is a focus for NXP.