Secure, Flexible IoT Service Platform

EdgeLock 2GO is NXP’s service platform for provisioning and managing IoT devices. With EdgeLock 2GO you can install keys and certificates securely into your devices and maintain the credentials up to date during the device life-cycle. For high flexibility, EdgeLock 2GO provides different options for provisioning your devices at manufacturing or in the field. EdgeLock 2GO leverages the security capability of each device to offer an optimal level of security across your IoT fleet.

Key Features

  • Highly flexible approach to IoT security
  • Provisioning services for key and certificate injection at silicon manufacturing, device manufacturing or in the field
  • Leverage hardware security capabilities for secure key injection
  • Approved Product Attestation Authority for Matter device certificatest
Cloud Native Services to Develop, Manage and Maintain Secure Edge Products

This training explains how you can simplify the software development process, enable customer innovation and reduce manufacturing costs for edge products using Foundries Factory, NXP i.MX product lines, NXP’s EdgeLock SE050 product family and the EdgeLock 2GO service.

Secure the Edge: How NXP Enables Secure Manufacturing with EdgeLock SE050 and EdgeLock 2GO

Explore how EdgeLock SE050 secure element together with the EdgeLock 2GO secure cloud service brings high-level security for any production size.

Enable Secure, Zero-Touch Device Onboarding in IoT Deployments

In this training, you get familiar with NXP’s EdgeLock SE050 secure element and the EdgeLock 2GO secure cloud service and learn how the combination of NXP’s hardware and services help you to securely connect your devices to AWS IoT Core.