EdgeLock 2GO, NXP’s service platform for provisioning and managing IoT devices, lets you securely install keys and certificates into your devices, either during manufacturing or in the field, and then keep credentials up to date during the device lifecycle. EdgeLock 2GO leverages the security capability of each device, for optimal levels of security across your entire IoT fleet.

Key Features

  • Highly flexible approach to IoT security
  • Provisioning services for device credentials injection and maintenance
  • Secure key injection leverages device’s hardware capabilities
  • Approved Product Attestation Authority (PAA) for Matter device certificates

Key Benefits

  • Security

    • Deliver end-to-end security from chip to cloud, based on a certified Trust Anchor
    • Manage security independent of device manufacturing and supply chain
    • Protect the entire device lifecycle, from day one of deployment
  • Flexibility

    • Tailor the options for every type of IoT device roll-out
    • Support every type of IoT device, from sensor to edge-computing platform
    • Accelerate time-to-market with late-stage device configuration in the field
  • Ease of Use

    • Zero-touch onboarding of devices into the cloud
    • Simplified maintenance of credentials during device lifetime
    • Easy management of even large fleets of IoT devices
  • Approved for Matter

    • Approved PAA for Matter device attestation certificates
    • Secure injection of device attestation keys into silicon
    • Different options for delivery of device attestation certificates