EdgeLock® SE051H: Secure Element for Matter Onboarding via NFC

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Key Features

  • Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified
  • EdgeLock SE051 security: Dynamic file system, TPM functions, SEMS Lite updateability, extended cryptographic options (RSA, future-proof ECC curves, high-key-length AES)
  • Enhanced user experience of Matter device commissioning and easy Wi-Fi pairing
  • Contactless late-stage device provisioning and configuration by OEM (no need to power and connect device with cables)
  • Full support of cryptography involved in the Matter commissioning process, including SPAKE2+
  • Optimized device attestation, performed on chip
  • Matter credential generation leveraging NXP Matter Product Attestation Authority and credential pre-injection at NXP or in factory using NXP EdgeLock 2GO services
  • Optional (pre-) injection of Matter credentials based on EdgeLock 2GO service

Key Benefits

  • Turnkey solution for seamlessly deploying Matter devices
  • Faster design-in, with Plug & Trust middleware and dedicated development boards
  • Security-certified protection, future-proof solution with secure key storage in tamper resistant IC and updateable applet
  • All in one, end-to-end Matter device attestation


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