Secure Service 2GO Platform

Secure and scalable services on every IoT product and device

NXP’s Secure Service 2GO Platform is the starting point for multiple secure services to grow. Secure Service 2GO Platform provides scalability without compromise to security for digitizing cards, tickets, physical products and documents. The end-to-end solutions empower manufacturers, IoT OEMs, service providers and other ecosystem partners alike to quickly innovative products that deliver high-level security in edge-to-cloud communication.

NXP’s Secure Services 2GO demonstrates the company’s commitment to think beyond silicon solutions, moving to fully integrated services and platforms as a business model.

A curated set of secure services to empower consumers to connect, pay, travel and engage safely


    Launched in March 2018, MIFARE 2GO manages digitized MIFARE product-based credentials onto IoT devices. Being fully integrated into Google Pay, secure service is exposed to over two billion active Android users.

  • mWallet 2GO

    mWallet 2GO provides the full scope of mobile wallet development in one solution including leading hardware technology, surrounding software and ecosystem integration with Mastercard® and Visa®.

  • mID 2GO

    With mID 2GO, creating mobile identities has never been easier: The service allows customers to digitize traditional electronic documents conveniently in an online world. mID 2GO is a modular end-to-end solution that securely federates, manages and operates digitized identities to conveniently connect people to critical online services.

  • Secure Services for the NTAG Product Family

    Secure Services for NTAG connect digitized products to the web. They apply product data security and intelligence to drive new business and consumer applications throughout the entire product lifecycle.A complete suite of value-added NFC services that make customer deployments easy and fast at a variety of scales - from chip customization to key management to a cloud platform.

  • EdgeLock­® 2GO

    Designed for IoT devices and services that use an NXP EdgeLock SE050 secure element, this flexible IoT service platform lets you choose the options that optimize costs while benefiting from an advanced level of device security.