The mobile identity solution for convenience and security

With mID 2GO, NXP® has created a comprehensive mobile service that derives mobile identities from original root electronic documents and securely stores them in mobile devices. Public and private service providers benefit from a secure back-end system that offers online Identity, Authentication, and Signature solutions to citizens. Thanks to a fully modular approach based on open standards, protocols, and specifications, NXP facilitates fast integration with existing systems in a world that is turning mobile.

Mobile authentication for public and private services

Use case scenarios are versatile and include, for example, access to public services, tax declaration or registers to vote, but also private sector applications such as age verification, secure building access or airport security are among the many possibilities that mID 2GO provides.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenience

  • mID 2GO meets the All-in-One mobile device trend and gives users access to critical services 24/7.

  • Security

  • As an end-to-end security solution, mID 2GO is based on a trusted original root electronic document.

  • Privacy

  • Privacy is enhanced as identity credentials are stored exclusively on mobile devices, avoiding storage of personal data in a central database.

  • Flexibility

  • As an ‘A la Carte’ offer, mID 2GO reduces time to market for solution providers. Custom middleware, security, and authentication schemes through a plug-and-play architecture allow integration into existing infrastructure.

  • Cost Reduction

  • Due to the flexible approach that mID 2GO offers, system deployment can be accelerated and thereby costs are decreased.