EdgeLock® SE051: Proven, Easy-to-Use IoT Security Solution with Support for Updatability and Custom Applets

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EdgeLock Plug & Trust Middleware

EdgeLock Plug & Trust Middleware


EdgeLock SE051 extensions (on top of EdgeLock SE050 platform features)

  • IoT security solutions with updatability for time to market and customization
    • SE051A/C with preinstalled IoT applet and full SW enablement for fast deployment
    • For proprietary applet development of custom products, please contact your local NXP representative
  • SEMS Lite for convenient IoT applet updatability
  • Suitable for industrial IoT use cases
    • IEC62443-4-2 certified for the applicable requirements
    • Product development lifecycle compliant to IEC62443-4-1 certified secure process with maturity level 3
  • Flexible user memory
    • SE051A/C: 46 kB user memory with personalization options to go up to 104 kB

EdgeLock SE050 platform features

  • Groundbreaking CC EAL6+ certified solution for IoT deployments
  • Crypto Agility: RSA and ECC functionalities, high key length and future-proof curves (for example, Brain pool, Edwards, Montgomery)
  • AES and 3DES encryption and decryption
  • AES modes: CBC, CTR, ECB, CCM, GCM
  • HMAC, CMAC, GMAC, SHA-1, SHA-224/256/384/512 operations
  • TRNG compliant to NIST SP800-90B
  • DRBG compliant to NIST SP800-90A
  • Support of main TPM functionalities
  • SCP03 (bus encryption and encrypted credential injection on applet and platform level)
  • Contactless interface for late-stage parameter configuration of unpowered devices
  • I2C target (High-speed mode, 3.4 Mbit/s), I2C controller (Fast-mode, 400 kbit/s)
  • Extended temp range for industrial applications (-40 to +105 °C)
  • Small and very thin HX2QFN20 package particularly suited for space limited applications (3 mm x 3 mm x 0.33 mm)


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