Boards and Standard Form Factor


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Boards and Standard Form Factor

Boards and Standard Form Factor BD

Supported Devices

Analog and Mixed Signal



Automotive Ethernet PHYs

Power Management


Processors and Microcontrollers

Layerscape Processors


  • Dual ARM®v8 Processors for industrial applications
  • 4 port Time-Sensitive Networking enabled switch
  • 2 Time-Sensitive Networking-capable Ethernet controllers
  • GPU and LCD controller
  • Configurable cryptographic offload engines
  • Integrated trust architecture
  • Dual 64-bit ARMv8 processors for real-time processing
  • Full virtualization support for IoT edge computing
  • TSN-enabled switch for industrial TSN bridge applications
  • TSN-enabled Ethernet controllers for TSN endpoint applications
  • Support Human Machine Interface applications with integrated GPU and LCD controller
  • Trust architecture provides root of trust as a basis for trusted applications and services


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