Multi-Output DC/DC Regulator


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Block Diagram

MC34VR500 Multi-Output DC/DC Regulator

MC34VR500 Block Diagram


System Features

  • Optimized to work with QorIQ® LS102x communications processors (LS1020A, LS1021A, LS1022A)
  • Vin = 3.3 Vbus (2.8 V to 4.5 V supply)
  • High full load efficiency with 91% peak
  • High Integration
    • Four independent buck converters
    • Five user-programmable LDOs
    • DDR Reference
    • Power control logic with processor interface and event detection
  • User Programmability
    • Customizable preprogrammed output voltages, sequencing or timing available
    • Dynamic regulator control of voltage, current limit and frequency via I2C
    • Forced PWM / PFM or APS operation
  • High power 8 x 8 mm QFN wettable flank package
  • LS1020A, LS1021A, LS1022A, LS1023A, LS1024A, LS1028, LS1043, LS1043/23A, LS1046A, LX2160, T1013, T1023 and T1023/13 MCU supported
  • I2C interface and input control
  • Output current 4.5 A

Product Longevity Program

  • This product is included in the NXP Product Longevity Program ensuring a stable supply of products for your embedded designs. The MC34VR500 is included in the 15-year program


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