Lighting Driver and Controller ICs

Already adapting your lighting solutions to the latest high-efficiency technologies? Crucial to your success in this area is the right supplier for your components–one who understands the market and the challenges you face in developing new energy-efficient lighting solutions. NXP® offers the commitment and expertise to help you meet these challenges.

GreenChip solutions for power and lighting

Aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, GreenChip technology lies at the heart of our cost-effective, high-efficiency power and lighting ICs. GreenChip products are suitable for any device that draws AC power and offer many additional benefits, from minimal standby power (as low as 10 mW) to SSL-dimming capability.

NXP has a dedicated lighting team to provide you with optimized solutions and application support. Our portfolio consists of high-efficiency SSLs, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting), and HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting.

Families Description
HID Controllers Energy-efficient HID lighting helps to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. We offer several solutions for this segment.
Light Position Controllers Adapts the elevation of the light beam of the head light of the car to a state defined by the car driver using a potentiometer on the dashboard.
Automotive LED Controllers Offer highest reliability combined with LED dimming, blinking and color mixing capabilities.
LED Drivers Highly integrated, high-performance devices that integrate power management and LED control into a single chip solution, with minimal external components.
Automotive Lighting, LED Driver ICs Combine NXP’s deep understanding of LED performance with our world-class automotive A-BCD mixed signal HV technology.
CFL and HF-TL Drivers - Dimmable Highly integrated drivers are key to creating real form-factor replacements for incandescent lighting.
CFL and HF-TL Drivers - Fixed Output Our solutions enable the next generation of CFL lamps promoted by both US (DoE SuperCFL) and EU directives.
LED Flash Driver ICs High efficiency, maximum light, and a small footprint – for LED flash drivers in mobile devices.
I2C LED Controllers LED blinkers and dimmers can control keypad, fun lighting and status LEDs.