Whether your design draws from mains or battery, simple power conversion plays a critical role. Our power management portfolio includes integrated and cost-effective controllers to address a full range of AC-DC power conversion applications.

NXP Smart Power Design Tools

LLC Resonant Converter Design Tool

The LLC Resonant Converter Design Tool helps you to cut design iteration, trial-and-error effort on bench, and development time.

Flyback SMPS Design Tool

The NXP Flyback SMPS Design Tool helps you design flyback power supplies using NXPs TEA172x, TEA173x, TEA183x, and TEA193x family.

Resonant SMPS Design Tool

The Resonant SMPS Design Tool is very helpful in simplifying your power supply design based on NXPs TEA1716 and TEA1916 LLC resonant controllers.

Smart Charging Design tool

The NXP USB-PD3.0 / QC4.0 Smart Charging Design tool helps you design a fast charging adapter supporting BC1.2, USB-PD3.0 and/or QC4.0 charging protocol.