NXP’s Load Switch portfolio provides a high voltage tolerant, robust, feature-rich interface at the lowest cost and board space available in the industry.

  • Integrated Type C functionality–NXP’s NX5P3290 load switch is the only available part with support for latest Type-C PD 3.0 standard
  • Fast Reverse Current Protection and Recovery–50 µs shut-off/turn-on prevents damage to battery and connected devices
  • High Voltage Tolerance–29V tolerance on VBUS prevents damage to mobile devices due to high voltage applied from the adapters
  • Low BOM cost and board space-Source and Sink Switches require less than 4.4 mm2 board space resulting in additional savings by including other value-added functionality on space-constrained boards.
Key Features
Part Number Description Operating Voltage Range Current Datasheet Buy
NX3P2902B USB PD and Type C current-limited power switch 0.9 V–3.6 V 0.5 A PDF
(414 KB)
NX5P2924 Logic controlled high-side power switch 0.9 V–5.5 V 2.5 A PDF
(299 KB)
NX20P5090 High Voltage USB PD Power Switch 2.5 V–20 V 5 A PDF
(1.05 MB)
NX5P3001 Bidirectional power switch 3.0 V–5.75 V 3 A PDF
(271 KB)
NX5P2190 Logic controlled high-side power switch 3.0 V–5.5 V 2 A PDF
(623 KB)
NX5P3090 USB PD and type C current-limited power switch 2.5 V–5.5 V 3 A PDF
(1.27 MB)
NXP Load Switches and Over-Voltage Protection ICs

NXP Load Switches and Over-Voltage Protection ICs

Simple, efficient, protection and control with smallest footprint.

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