Power Management Integrated Circuits and System Basis Chips

Our power management IC portfolio is all about delivering scalability and flexibility for your next designs. Whether you are developing automotive, industrial or consumer applications, our PMICs help extend battery life and reduce power dissipation.

Smart System Power Solutions

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Power and Safety Scalable PMIC to create a complex sequencing.

Mini SBCs

Configurable LDO with CAN/LIN transceiver.

Safety SBCs

Support functional safety application up to ASIL D.


Compact CAN/LIN system solution.

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NXP Enables Multiple PMICs to Build Customized Power Management Solutions for Complex SoC

Learn how NXP’s low voltage PMICs provide safety, scalability and power management solutions with complex sequencing for automotive, industrial and networking.

NXP Power Management Custom OTP Programming

NXP PMICs and safety SBCs can be programmed via the One Time Programmable (OTP) memory.

NXP Low Voltage PMIC Family

Learn more on NXP’s auto-sync feature, and how this programmable family acts as ONE box to facilitate safe platform development.

NXP online Safety Academy

Learn the art of safety with NXP: tools and tips to start designing more quickly for safety-critical systems.