Green Chip

Our innovative GreenChip power portfolio is aimed at enabling smarter, more compact and extremely energy efficient power solutions. NXP GreenChip complete system solutions can be found in everything from highly-efficient power supplies to smart fast-charging adapters, innovative fast battery charging, system protection and secure wireless charging.

Our GreenChip portfolio provides total system solutions for latest USB Type- C Power delivery and QC4.0 platforms that enable faster charging and high class thermal power management. These solutions offer high power density, high efficiency and extensive protection to ensure safety and reliability—designed for mobile and computing applications.

Enabling Energy-Efficient Power Solutions


  • Seamless, energy efficient end-to-end solution
  • Compliant with industry’s strictest energy regulations (Energy Star, EuP Lot 6, DoE, CoC)
  • Wide output voltage operating range (2.9 V - 20 V) for USB Type-C solutions
  • Extended portfolio of AC-DC power solutions, USB Type C, wireless power


  • Industry’s power efficiency with high-power density
  • A complete certified and validated solution enabling faster time-to-market
  • Broader set of applications: mobile, consumer, TV, IoT

GreenChip Portfolio

Smart Power AC-DC Solutions

High-efficient AC-DC power conversion with extensive safety and reliability. Highly integrated and cost-efficient systems designed for mobile and computing applications.

Mobile Power Solutions

Wide range of products focused on mobile power management systems; from comprehensive input protection ICs to high efficiency, fast charging charger ICs with compact size.

USB Type-C Power Solutions

Total USB Type-C, AC-DC solutions with higher power density, security and safety. These products enable a shorter time-to-market, solve application challenges and adhere to all global power regulations.

Typical end-to-end mobile charging system block diagram

NXP GreenChip Solutions Program

Our innovative GreenChip power portfolio enables smarter, more compact and extremely energy-efficient power solutions.