HV Start-Up Resonant LLC+PFC Combo Controller with Integrated Burst Mode, EuP Lot 6 Compliant


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TEA1716T Block Diagram

TEA1716T Block Diagram

Blockdiagram TEA1716


  • Integrated PFC and HBC controllers
  • Compliant with energy using product directive (EuP) lot 6
  • Adaptive non-overlap time
  • Capacitive mode protection for HBC controller
  • On-chip high-voltage start-up source
  • Stand-alone operation or IC supplied from external DC source
  • Boundary mode operation with on-time control
  • Universal mains supply operation (70 V to 276 V (AC))
  • Valley/zero voltage switching for minimum switching losses
  • Frequency limiting to reduce switching losses
  • Burst mode switching with soft start and soft stop
  • Integrated high-voltage level shifter
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum frequency
  • Safe restart mode for system fault conditions
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Undervoltage protection for mains (brownout), boost, IC supply
  • Overcurrent regulation and protection for both controllers
  • Accurate overvoltage protection for boost voltage
  • Integrated burst mode sensing


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