Digital LLC+PFC Combo Controller for Resonant Power Supply

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Block Diagram

TEA2016AAT Block diagram

TEA2016AAT Block diagram


Key Features

  • Complete functionality of LLC and PFC controller in single small-size SO16 package
  • Integrated high-voltage start-up
  • Integrated drivers and high-voltage level shifter (LS)
  • High-side driver directly supplied from the low-side driver output
  • Accurate boost voltage regulation
  • Integrated X-capacitor discharge without additional external components
  • Power good function
  • Several parameters can easily be configured, like:
    • Operating frequencies to be outside the audible area at all operating modes
    • Soft start and soft stop in burst mode, reducing the audible noise
    • Accurate transition levels between operation modes (high-power mode/low-power mode/burst mode)

Green Features

  • Valley/zero voltage switching for minimum switching losses
  • High efficiency from low load to high load
  • Compliant with the latest energy-saving standards and directives (Energy Star, EuP)
  • Excellent no-load input power (< 75 mW for TEA2016AAT/TEA1995T combination)

Protection Features

  • Independently configurable levels and timers
  • All protections can independently be set to latch, safe restart, or latch after several attempts to restart
  • Supply undervoltage protection (UVP)
  • Overpower protection (OPP)
  • Internal and external overtemperature protection (OTP)
  • Capacitive mode regulation (CMR)
  • Accurate overvoltage protection (OVP)
  • Overcurrent protection (OCP)
  • Inrush current protection (ICP)
  • Brownin/brownout protection
  • Disable input

NXP GreenChip

  • This product is part of the NXP GreenChip portfolio, this program optimizes for energy efficiency in mobile and computing applications, specializing in high-power density, safety and reliability.

Part numbers include: TEA2016AAT.

Improvements of TEA2016AAT/2 vs. TEA2016AAT/1

Product Process Used for the High Voltage Die Features Supporting Information
TEA2016AAT/1 EZHV (Silicon On Insulator) Reference Behavior Comparison
TEA2016AAT/2 ABCD3HV+ (Silicon On Insulator)
  • Better noise immunity for high dv/dt
  • The /2 operation is much more robust to high half bridge dv/dt events


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  • Application Example Software

    LLC Resonant Converter Design Tool

  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    Ringo v135 TEA2016ATT x86 for 32-Bit Windows OS

  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    Ringo v135 TEA2016ATT x64 for 64-Bit Windows OS

  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    Ringo v141 TEA2016ATT x86 for 32-Bit Windows OS

  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    Ringo v141 TEA2016ATT x64 for 64-Bit Windows OS

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