LLC Resonant Converter Design Tool

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Key Features

  • Detailed step-by-step sequential flow helps engineers to easily follow and complete designs
  • Proactively assess worst and corner case stress and thermal of devices
  • Proactively assess device tolerance/distribution effect to system performance
  • Fine knobs and guidelines to help engineers fine-tune design towards optimization
  • Complete a paper design with schematic, BOM and magnetic build sheets for the whole system
  • Combining FHA-based LLC design with a downloadable Simplis simulation model effectively helps to save iteration cycles

Supported Devices

  • TEA6017AT: Digital Configurable LLC and Multimode PFC Controller
  • TEA2017: Digital Configurable LLC and Multimode PFC Controller
  • TEA19161T: Resonant Power Supply Control IC
  • TEA2016: Digital LLC+PFC Combo Controller for Resonant Power Supply
  • TEA2376: TEA2376xT, Digital Configurable Interleaved PFC Controllers


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