GreenChip Dual Synchronous Rectifier (SR) Controller


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Block Diagram

TEA1995T Block Diagram

TEA1995T Block Diagram


Efficiency features

  • Adaptive gate drive for maximum efficiency at any load
  • Supply current in no-load operation below 200 μA

Application features

  • Very wide supply voltage range from 4.5 V to 38 V
  • Dual Synchronous Rectification for LLC resonant in SO8 package
  • Synchronous Rectification for multi-output flyback converters
  • Supports 5V operation with logic level SR MOSFETs
  • Differential inputs for sensing the drain and source voltage of each SR MOSFET

Control features

  • SR control without minimum on-time
  • Adaptive gate drive for fast turn-off at the end of the conduction
  • Under voltage lockout with active gate pull-down


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