Synchronous Rectification Controller with Integrated Feedback and Protection

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Block Diagram

TEA1761T / TEA1762T

TEA1761T Block Diagram


Key Features

  • Combined synchronous rectification and primary feedback control functionality
  • Wide supply voltage range (8.6 V to 38 V)
  • High level of integration, resulting in a very low external component count
  • Wide opto coupler output voltage range (3.5 V to 38 V)
  • Accurate internal voltage reference for voltage control (within 1 %)
  • Separate sense ground for accurate voltage sensing
  • High driver output voltage of 10 V to drive all MOSFET brands to the lowest RDSon
  • Reference voltage output pin
  • Low current consumption
  • High system efficiency from no load to full load
  • Undervoltage protection
  • General purpose protection input pin
  • Internal over-temperature protection

NXP GreenChip

  • This product is part of the NXP GreenChip portfolio, this program optimizes for energy efficiency in mobile and computing applications, specializing in high-power density, safety and reliability.

Part numbers include: TEA1761T, TEA1762T.


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