NXP is licensing many functional IP blocks in various fields. An IP block is a reusable unit of logic, cell, or chip layout design and can be used as building block for various chip- and logic designs.

By making this technology available NXP is opening up the opportunity for chip designers to leverage our building blocks in a wide assortment of on-chip solutions. Several IP block licenses include relevant application software.

Licensing proven NXP IP blocks may help lower development costs and may help shorten time-to-market. NXP has years of experience with CPU/DSP/SW license models and support and where applicable a cooperation with partners is established.

Find out more about licensable IP blocks and how to integrate these into your chips on this website.

IP Blocks

CoolFlux DSP Cores Family

CoolFlux DSP is a 24-bit audio DSP core developed with years of experience in Ultra Low Power Design at NXP's ultralow power design group in Leuven. Later on NXP completed new core in the CoolFlux DSP family optimized for Baseband Signal Processing such as for Software Defined Radio: the CoolFlux BSP and the 32-bit CoolFlux BSP32. Also smaller 16-bit cores have been added: CoolFlux DSP16L and CoolFlux DSP16 for speech and intelligent sensor signal processing.

MIPI I3C: A Unified, High-Performing Interface for Sensors

In general, I3C incorporates and unifies key attributes of I2C and SPI while improving the capabilities and performance of each approach with a comprehensive, scalable interface and architecture. The specification also anticipates sensor interface architectures that mobile, mobile-influenced, and embedded-systems industries will need in the future.

USB 2.0 Full and High Speed Solutions

A family of high quality silicon-proven USB technology, ideal for cost-sensitive consumer applications where USB is the dominant connectivity interface. All USB products are compatible with industry standard interfaces and have been proven in volume production in NXP product lines for years.

FlexRay Communication Controllers

The FlexRay Communication Controller synthesizable IP core from NXP, a founding member of the FlexRay Consortium and the world's leading supplier of semiconductor devices for the automotive industry, fully complies with FlexRay Communication System Protocol Specification, Version 2.1, Revision A.


The FlexCAN controller is a highly configurable, synthesizable core implementing the CAN protocol (ISO 11898-1), CAN with Flexible Data rate (CAN FD), and CAN 2.0 B protocol specifications, built from silicon-proven NXP technology.

ColdFire (V1, V2, V4)

Deployed in over 500 million devices worldwide, ColdFire is widely-used 32-bit processor architectures. The extensive collection of ColdFire IP gives the flexibility to choose the right solution for cost/performance requirements while benefiting from the huge ecosystem of development resources available for the ColdFire architecture.

PowerPC e200 Core Family

NXP’s e200 family of synthesizable, high-efficiency cores is intended for cost-sensitive, embedded real-time applications with significant performance requirements. The four e200 cores —e200z0, e200z1, e200z3, and e200z6—provide a range of features for automotive, avionics, robotics, industrial control, medical devices, and compact networking applications.

StarCore DSP

The StarCore SC3900FP flexible vector processor (FVP) is a high performance communication DSP. The core aids in enabling highly efficient and flexible implementation of the physical (PHY) layer of software-definable radio systems for existing and next-generation wireless standards of WCDMA, HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, LTE, and LTE Advanced.