FLEXRAY Communication Controllers


The FRCC2100 is the FlexRay Communication Controller synthesizable IP core from NXP, the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor devices for the automotive industry. A founding member of the FlexRay Consortium, NXP produced the first automotive-qualified FlexRay controller devices and provided the FlexRay controller IP for the first production vehicle to feature FlexRay technology—the BMW X5.

The FRCC2100 fully complies with FlexRay Communication System Protocol Specification, Version 2.1, Revision A. It implements the specification-defined Controller Host Interface (CHI) and Protocol Engine (PE) functionality, with clean partitioning between the CHI and PE functional blocks.

The FRCC2100 supports 4–252 message buffers and features standard interfaces to system logic and memories, so it can be readily optimized to your system requirements and easily integrated into your FPGA or ASIC device.

The host CPU interface is similar to the AMBA 2 APB. Example glue logic to connect to AMBA 2 APB is included with the product. The interface to FlexRay memory, which stores the message buffer header, payload, and status, is AMBA 2 AHB and can be adapted to other system memory interfaces upon request.

A rich ecosystem, including support from leading FlexRay software providers and a starter kit available for evaluation and prototyping, enables rapid software development.

Key Features:

  • FlexRay Communications System Protocol Specification, Version 2.1, Revision A compliant protocol implementation
  • FlexRay Communications System Electrical Physical Layer Specification, Version 2.1, Revision A compliant bus driver interface
  • TUV conformance tested
  • Proven in Freescale's MFR43xx and MCP55xx devices
  • Dual or single channel support
  • Supports multiple FlexRay bus data rates: 10, 8, 5, and 2.5 Mbit/s (software selectable)
  • Number of message buffers supported is a hardware configuration option (4-252)
  • Number of message buffers used is a runtime option
  • Two independent message buffer groups with runtime-configurable payload size (0-254 bytes)
  • Each message buffer supports individual frame ID, channel ID, and cycle count filtering
  • Each message buffer can be configured for transmit or receive
  • Two transmit message buffers can be combined to form a double-buffered transmit message buffer
  • Transmit message buffers can be configured for state or event triggered transmission
  • Zero padding for transmit message buffers in static segment-applied when the frame payload length exceeds the size of the message buffer data section
  • Message buffers can be safely disabled and reconfigured
  • Message buffer header, status, and payload data stored in FlexRay memory
  • Two independent receive FIFOs
  • Four configurable slot error counters
  • Four dedicated slot status indicators-used to observe slots without using receive message buffers
  • Clock synchronization data available to host system
  • Maskable interrupt sources-individual and combined
  • Two timers: 1 absolute, 1 absolute or relative
  • Strobe ports for visibility of selected internal signals
  • Separate clocks for CHI and PE
  • Extensive clock gating for low power consumption

Partner Silvaco takes care of the distribution of FlexRay Communication Controller synthesizable IP core. Silvaco is a leading EDA provider of Software tools, used in analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Silvaco has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia for over 30 years and is offering fast-turnaround and affordable services for TCAD, SPICE Modeling, and PDK development. In June 2016 Silvaco acquired Semiconductor IP blocks vendor IPextreme, now the IP department of Silvaco (under IPextreme brand)

The USB IP is owned by NXP, but packaged, sold, and supported through Silvaco


Gate count and performance

Number of message buffers gates Minimal Chi Frequency
4 76,720 20
32 83,431 22
252 140,997 135


Option Range Default
Maximum number of message buffers 4-252 32
FlexRay memory (AHB) data bus width 32 or 64 (bits) 32


FRCC2100 Deliverables
Synthesizable Verilog source code
Integration testbench and tests
Automatic configuration through the IPextreme IP distribution and support portal
Scripts for simulation and synthesis with support for common EDA tools