We offer customers a broad integrated circuit (IC) packaging portfolio enabled by years of engineering innovation and expertise. Our package options range from traditional leaded and leadless packages (small outline package (SOP), quad flat package (QFP) and quad flat no-lead (QFN)) to advanced ball grid arrays using wire bond and flip-chip interconnects and wafer-level packages.

Our packages offer customers mechanical, thermal and reliable performance for their design needs, developed in close collaboration with our design and operations partners.

Introducing the HDQFP

The HDQFP is our innovative IC packaging, helping simplify packaging portfolios by offering greater I/O density versus regular QFP.

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High I/O Density

Using combined PLCC J-leads and QFP gull-wing leads

Help Reduce Board Area

Using the same PCB line/space design as 0.5 mm pitch of LQFP

Exceed AEC Grade 1 Requirements

Solder joint reliability and component level reliability

Help Minimize Cost

  • 172 HDQFP can replace 144 LQFP and 176 LQFP
  • 100 HDQFP can replace 64 LQFP, 80 LQFP and 100 LQFP

Target Automotive and Industrial

Supporting the zero defect quality

NXP Package Families

The information below describes the various package families and variations that NXP currently offers. NXP generally follows the JEDEC standards for semiconductor device packaging. While package terminology and specifications vary between IC providers, NXP naming conventions and package definitions are used within this document.

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