Coldfire 32-Bit Processors

Deployed in over 500 million devices worldwide, ColdFire is a widely-used 32-bit processor architecture. And the modern implementations of the ColdFire architecture, proven in devices from NXP and available as synthesizable IP, provide performance and reliability that rival any similarly featured 32-bit processor IP.

All ColdFire cores feature a variable-length RISC architecture for compact code and are supported by an extensive collection of development systems, tools, libraries, and operating systems from Freescale and several third-party commercial and open-source providers.


  • Low memory costs due to variable-length instruction set optimized for code density
  • Low CPU cost due to low gate count
  • High performance RISC-based micro-architecture
  • Low risk due to development toll ecosystem

Partner Silvaco takes care of the distribution of ColdFire. Silvaco is a leading EDA provider of Software tools, used in analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Silvaco has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia for over 30 years and is offering fast-turnaround and affordable services for TCAD, SPICE Modeling, and PDK development. In June 2016 Silvaco acquired Semiconductor IP blocks vendor IPextreme, now the IP department of Silvaco (under IPextreme brand)

The USB IP is owned by NXP, but packaged, sold, and supported through Silvaco


Product Description
ColdFire V4 Core the high-end member of the ColdFire processor family with over 500 DMIPS of performance at 345 MHz and support for Linux as well as several RTOS's.
ColdFire V2 Core mid-level processor core with single-cycle-access local SRAM and ROM. The ColdFire V2 Core delivers over 250 DMIPS of performance at 240 MHz.
ColdFire V1 Core scaled-down implementation of the ColdFire Architecture for cost-sensitive applications. At under 20K gates in the minimum configuration, the ColdFire V1 Core still delivers over 270 DMIPS at 240 MHz.
Product Gates (min config) Gates (max config) Frequency
ColdFire V4 Core 250K 315K 350MHz @65nm
ColdFire V2 Core 43K 60K 240MHz @65nm
ColdFire V1 Core 19K 53K 240MHz @65nm


Variations of the ColdFire V1, V2, and V4 subsystems, using different combinations of integrated peripheral IP blocks, are available upon request.