Automotive Lighting - LED Driver ICs

Our ASLxxxx series of LED drivers includes versatile, application-specific, constant-current, high-brightness LED (HB-LED) driver ICs. They provide a fully integrated solution for automotive LED lighting applications—maintaining system flexibility, enabling design re-use, and providing significant scalability in a low-cost solution. They combine our deep understanding of LED performance with our world-class automotive A-BCD mixed signal HV technology.

Optimum architecture - lower system cost

NXP® driver IC portfolio is designed to enable maximum design freedom with minimum cost in the initial design, mass production and future system updates. The portfolio consists of two families - the multiphase boost ASLx500 and multichannel buck ASLx416 driver ICs. Together, they provide a single platform architecture that has the capability to drive any configuration of LEDs and channels, while keeping system cost down.

Optimum integration - lower space

The high level of digital integration ensures a low external component count for maximum robustness and ease of design. Furthermore the NXP multi-channel buck ICs uses an external power MOSFET for each channel. This enables the optimal thermal performance of the drivers under high current situations (>1.5A per channel). Therefore the NXP multi-channel LED driver ICs can achieve high output powers with minimum PCB area and without expensive thermal components.

Scalability and flexibility - lower R&D throughput time

NXP multi-channel LED driver ICs are highly scalable and flexible. With one boost IC, NXP solutions can be scaled from 2 channels to 12 channels with output powers between 30 W to 140 W. Furthermore, via the SPI interface, NXP driver ICs are highly programmable, which empowers NXP solutions to be capable of driving all kinds of advanced lighting applications, e.g. adaptive driving beam (ADB), advanced front lighting (AFL), laser, etc. Together with the optimized, architecture, package, and pinning, NXP solution reduces the R&D throughput time for both new product developments and future product upgrades.

Automotive quality guaranteed

All NXP multi-channel automotive LED drivers are housed in a very small HVQFVN32 pin package. They are specially designed to support the growing replacement of traditional automotive lighting solutions with high-brightness (HB) and intelligent LED solutions. The devices are fully automotive qualified, compliant to AEC-Q100 grade 1, with an ambient temperature operating range of –40 to +125°C. The devices also deliver low electromagnetic emission (EME) and high electromagnetic immunity (EMI).

Product Order Description
ASL1500SHN Single-Phase Automotive LED Boost Driver
ASL2416SHN Two-channel Automotive LED Buck Driver
ASL2500SHN Two-Phase Automotive LED Boost Driver
ASL3416SHN Three-channel Automotive LED Buck Driver
ASL4500SHN Four-Phase Automotive LED Boost Driver