Dual Synchronous 1.5 A/1.5 A Step-Down Buck Regulators with 525 mA LDO for Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Combo ICs

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System Features

  • Supports 2.7 V~5.5 V operating voltage
  • Two 1.5 A synchronous buck converters
  • Single LDO supports up to 525 mA
  • Ultra low 15 μA sleep current
  • 3 MHz switching frequency
  • High output voltage accuracy
  • Supports both DVS and AVS
  • Single wire proprietary serial interface and input control
  • Output current 1.5 A

Part numbers include: PM823HN, PM823UK.


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  • Summit SOM 8M Plus
    Embedded Board Solutions

    Summit SOM 8M Plus

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