S32K376 Battery Management System (BMS) and Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)


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S32K376 BMS and VCU hardware

S32K376 Battery Management System (BMS) and Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) PoC

BMS Total

BMS total

Supported Devices

Power Management

System Basis Chips

Battery Communication ICs

Battery Cell Controllers

High Side Switches

Low Side Switches

Processors and Microcontrollers

S32K Auto General-Purpose MCUs


Automotive Ethernet PHYs

CAN with Flexible Data Rate

Automotive LIN Solutions

Analog and Mixed Signal

RTCs with Temperature Compensation


Board features

  • Combines BMS and VCU functionalities in one ECU
  • MC33665 as communication gateway and TPL transceiver to support daisy chain of BCC device MC33774 communication
  • Supports multiple input/output interfaces: MSDI, ADC, GPIO, LSD and HSD
  • S32K376 microcontroller(289 MAPBGA soldered)
  • 4x CH high-side and 11x low-side switch
  • 10x CH switch to ground input and 4x CH switch to programmable input MSDI interfaces
  • 1x LPUART, 3x CAN interface, 1x LIN interface, 1x 100BASE-T1 interface
  • 2x CH PWM capture interface
  • FS2633 (ASIL-D) system basis chip (SBC) for the board power supply and safety features
  • PCA2131TF automotive tiny Real-Time Clock/calendar with alarm function

Software features

  • BMS POC based on MC33774 and MC33665
  • VCU solution(HSD, LSD, MSDI, RTC)
  • Offers hardware OTA solution
  • Offers bootloader solution
  • Offers FS2633 operation
  • Offers three cores project based on RTD and EB Tresos


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