Safety System Basis Chip with Low Power, for ASIL D Systems

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Block Diagram

FS26 Safety SBC Block Diagram

FS26 Safety SBC with Low Power Fit for ASIL D


Power Management

  • 40 V DC maximum input voltage
  • Handle severe cranking operation (3.2 V battery) due to its BOOST controller
  • Low Power Off mode with very low sleep current (30 uA typ.)
  • Low Power Standby mode, VPRE active. LDO1 or LDO2 active selectable via OTP configuration (25 uA typ.)
  • Multiple switch mode regulators as well as LDO voltage regulators to supply the microcontroller, sensors, peripheral ICs and communication interface

System Solutions

  • System added value to save space and reduce complexity: LDT, AMUX, Dual Tracker, Vref
  • Programmable long duration timer (LDT) for system turn-off/wake-up control
  • Selectable wake-up sources from: WAKE/GPIO pins, LDT or SPI activity

Functional Safety

  • Scalable portfolio from automotive safety integrity levels ASIL B to ASIL D
  • Enable latent fault monitoring when system is running: ABIST on-demand
  • Independent monitoring circuitry
  • Dedicated interface for microcontroller monitoring
  • Simple and challenger watchdog function
  • Safety outputs with latent fault detection mechanism (RSTB, FS0B, FS1B)

Configuration and Enablement

  • LQFP48 pins with exposed pad for optimized thermal management
  • Permanent device customization via one-time-programming (OTP) fuse memory
  • Temporary OTP emulation mode for system development and evaluation
  • Ready to use S32K3 + FS26 hardware and software

Product Longevity Program

  • This product is included in the NXP Product Longevity program ensuring a stable supply of products for your embedded designs. Automotive target market derivatives are included in the 15-year program

Part numbers include: MFS2613AMDA3AD, MFS2613AMDA4AD, MFS2633AMBA0AD, MFS2633AMDA0AD.

Comparison Table

Part Number Description OTP Files and Report Safety Grade Package
MFS2613AMDA2AD S32K3 + FS26 EVB ASIL D S32K3X4EVB-Q257  DA2 Report, programming and configuration files ASIL D HLQFP48
MFS2613AMDA3AD S32K344 HVBMS Reference design DA3 Report, programming and configuration files ASIL D HLQFP48
MFS2613AMDA4AD S32K3 Body Control Module Reference design DA4 Report, programming and configuration files ASIL D HLQFP48
MFS2613AMDA6AD S32K344 48 V MC Development platform DA6 Report, programming and configuration files ASIL D HLQFP48
MFS2621AMDABAD AURIX TC38x, TC29x DAB Report, programming and configuration files ASIL D HLQFP48
MFS2613AMDDCAD FS26 + S32K324 + SAJ1110 + AG55X 5G T-BOX DDC Report, programming and configuration files ASIL D HLQFP48


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