Mini High-Speed CAN System Basis Chip with Standby/Sleep Mode and Watchdog


Block Diagram

UJA1167ATK Mini SBC Block Diagram

UJA1167ATK Mini SBC Block Diagram



  • Designed for automotive applications ISO 11898-2:2016 and SAE J2284-1 to SAE J2284-5 compliant high-speed CAN transceiver
  • Hardware and software compatible with the UJA116x product family and with improved EMC performance
  • ±8 kV ESD protection, according to the Human Body Model (HBM) on the CAN bus pins
  • ±6 kV ESD protection, according to IEC TS 62228 on the CAN bus pins, VEXT and on pins BAT and WAKE
  • CAN bus pins short-circuit proof to ±58 V
  • Battery and CAN bus pins are protected against automotive transients according to with ISO 7637-3

CAN Transceiver

  • High-speed CAN transceiver supporting CAN FD active communication up to 5 Mbit/s in the CAN FD data field
  • Autonomous bus biasing according to ISO 11898-6
  • Remote wake-up capability via standard CAN wake-up pattern

Integrated Voltage Regulator (V1)

  • Integrated 5 V / 100 mA voltage regulator for microcontroller supply
  • Support for microcontroller RAM retention down to a battery voltage of 2 V

Sensor Supply Regulator (UJA1167ATK/X only)

  • Integrated 5 V / 30 mA voltage regulator for sensor supply
  • Protected against short-circuits to GND and to the battery (can handle negative voltages as low as -18 V)

System Control Features

  • Standby and Sleep mode featuring very low supply current
  • Transmit data (TXD) dominant time-out function
  • Mode control via the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • Watchdog with independent clock source
  • Local wake-up via the WAKE pin
  • High-voltage output (INH) for controlling an external voltage
  • Configuration of selected functions via non-volatile memory

Part numbers include: UJA1167ATK.

Comparison Table

Orderable Type Standby Mode Sleep Mode VIO LDO (5 V) SPI Watchdog INH External 5 V Supply Partial Networking CAN FD Active CAN FD Passive
UJA1161ATK/0 X Internally used as self-supplied CAN 5 Mbps
UJA1162ATK/0 X X X Internally used as self-supplied CAN INH 5 Mbps
UJA1163ATK/0 X 100 mA 5 Mbps
UJA1164ATK/0 X 100 mA X X 5 Mbps
UJA1166ATK/0 X X X 100 mA INH 5 Mbps
UJA1167ATK/0 X X 100 mA X X INH 5 Mbps
UJA1167ATK/X/0 X X 70 mA X X 5 V/ 30 mA 5 Mbps
UJA1168ATK/0 X X 100 mA X X INH X 5 Mbps
UJA1168ATK/X/0 X X 70 mA X X 5 V/ 30 mA X 5 Mbps
UJA1168ATK/F/0 X X 100 mA X X INH X 5 Mbps X
UJA1168ATK/XF/0 X X 70 mA X X 5 V/ 30 mA X 5 Mbps X


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