Fault-Tolerant CAN/LIN Fail-Safe System Basis Chip

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Product Details


General Features

  • Supports remote flash programming via the CAN-bus
  • Small 6.1 mm × 11 mm HTSSOP32 package with low thermal resistance

Contains a Full Set of CAN and LIN ECU Functions

  • CAN transceiver and LIN transceiver
  • Voltage regulator for the microcontroller (3.3 V or 5.0 V)
  • Separate voltage regulator for the CAN transceiver (5 V)
  • Enhanced window watchdog with on-chip oscillator
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for the microcontroller
  • ECU power management system
  • Fully integrated autonomous fail-safe system

Designed for Automotive Applications

  • Supports 14 V, 24 V and 42 V architectures
  • Excellent ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance
  • ±8 kV ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection Human Body Model (HBM) for off-board pins
  • ±6 kV ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) protection IEC 61000-4-2 for off-board pins
  • ±60 V short-circuit proof CAN/LIN-bus pins
  • Battery and CAN/LIN-bus pins are protected against transients in accordance with ISO 7637
  • Very low sleep current

CAN Transceiver

  • ISO 11898-3 compliant fault-tolerant CAN transceiver
  • Enhanced error signaling and reporting
  • Partial networking option with global wake-up feature, allows selective CAN-bus communication without waking up sleeping nodes
  • Bus connections are truly floating when power is off
  • Ground shift detection

Dedicated Low Dropout Voltage Regulator for the CAN-Bus

  • Independent from microcontroller supply
  • Guarded by CAN-bus failure management
  • Significantly improves EMC performance

LIN Transceiver

  • LIN 2.0 compliant LIN transceiver
  • Enhanced error signaling and reporting
  • Downward compatible with LIN 1.3 and the TJA1020

Power Management

  • Smart operating modes and power management modes
  • Cyclic wake-up capability in Standby and Sleep modes
  • Local wake-up input with cyclic supply feature
  • Remote wake-up capability via the CAN-bus and LIN-bus
  • External voltage regulators can easily be incorporated in the power supply system (flexible and fail-safe)
  • 42 V battery-related high-side switch for driving external loads such as relays and wake-up switches
  • Intelligent maskable interrupt output

Fail-safe Features

  • Safe and predictable behavior under all conditions
  • Programmable fail-safe coded window and time-out watchdog with on-chip oscillator, guaranteeing autonomous fail-safe system supervision
  • Fail-safe coded 16-bit SPI interface for the microcontroller
  • Global enable pin for the control of safety-critical hardware
  • Rigorous error handling based on diagnostics
  • 23 bits of access-protected RAM is available, e.g., for logging of cyclic problems
  • Reporting in a single SPI message; no assembly of multiple SPI frames needed
  • Limp-home output signal for activating application hardware in case the system enters fail-safe mode (e.g. for switching on warning lights)
  • Fail-safe coded activation of Software development mode and Flash mode
  • One SPI readable device type identification
  • Software-initiated system reset

Detection and Detailed Reporting of Failures

  • On-chip oscillator failure and watchdog alerts
  • Voltage regulator under voltages
  • CAN and LIN-bus failures (short-circuits and open-circuit bus wires)
  • TXD and RXD clamping situations and short-circuits
  • Clamped or open reset line
  • SPI message errors
  • Over temperature warning
  • ECU ground shift (two selectable thresholds)

Part numbers include: UJA1061TW.


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