S32K358 Battery Management Unit (BMU) for High-Voltage Battery Energy Storage

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Block Diagram

S32K358 BMU for High-Voltage Battery Energy Storage

RD-BESSK358BMU Block Diagram

Supported Devices

Power Management

High Side Switches



  • 1x CAN FD interface and 4x TPL interface (isolated 2Mbps serial communication)
  • 1x RS-485 interface
  • 1x gigabit Ethernet interface
  • 2x contactor drivers with PWM economization and current monitoring
  • 2x overcurrent and reverse polarity protected outputs for battery junction box and DC-Link bus
  • Precharge contactor and DCLink bus precharge contactor

Advanced Features

  • PWM-based interlock pilot loop
  • Lower current consumption in sleep mode
  • Cell voltage and battery current measurement synchronization for state of health calculation
  • Equipped with secure element (NCJ37) for cyber security and battery passport
  • MODBUS protocol enabled to easily connect to industrial networks and energy management systems
  • CAN SIC interface enables an increased number of racks in a containerized architecture
  • The S32K358 MCU comes with lockstep cores for functional safety and a QM core for communication and user applications


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