3-Phase Reference Design for HybridPACK™ Drive IGBT/SiC Module Featuring GD3100

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Block Diagram

Power Gate Drive

RDGD3100I3PH5EVB Block Diagram

Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

Ultra-Reliable MPC57xx MCUs

Power Management

System Basis Chips

Powertrain and Engine Control


3.3 V / 5 V IO CAN Transceivers



  • Advanced single-channel gate driver for IGBT© and SiC MOSFETs. Integrated galvanic isolation and low on-resistance drive transistors provide high charging and discharging current, low dynamic saturation voltage and rail-to-rail gate voltage control

Key Features

  • SPI interface for safety monitoring, programmability and flexibility
  • Low propagation delay and minimal PWM distortion
  • Integrated galvanic signal isolation (up to 8 kV)
  • Integrated gate drive power stage capable of 15 A peak source and sink
  • Fully programmable Active Miller clamp
  • Compatible with negative gate supply
  • Compatible with current sense and temperature sense IGBTs
  • Integrated soft shutdown, two-level turn-off, active clamp, and segmented drive for wave shaping
  • CMTI > 100 V/ns
  • Compatible with 200 V to 1700 V IGBT/SiC, power range > 125 kW
  • Operating temperature range −40 °C to 125 °C
  • External creepage distance (CPG): > 7.8 mm
  • Operating frequency > 40 kHz
  • 5.0 V and 3.3 V tolerant MCU interface available

SPI interface

  • Safety monitoring and programming control features
  • PCIe connector provides external I/O connections (including GDIC control and SPI, motor current and application feedback and power supply control), cable harness included
    • PCIe cable harness included
  • Additional SPI test port for GDIC debug
  • Connector for resolver/motor position sense
  • Connector for motor phase current sense

ASIL D ISO 26262 compliant

  • GD3100 is compliant with ISO 26262 ASIL C/D functional safety requirements


  • Automotive grade qualified

Safety Features

  • Certified to ASIL D ISO 26262 functional safety requirements for full diagnostics
  • Current, DESAT, and temperature sense inputs and ADC reporting for IGBT/SiC monitoring
  • Fast short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, temperature warning and shutdown
  • Interrupt pin for fast response to faults
  • Built-in self-check of all analog and digital circuits
  • Continuous watchdog of die-to-die communications
  • Deadtime enforcement
  • Over and undervoltage supervision of all power supplies on both low and high voltage sides
  • Fail-safe state management pins on both low and high voltage sides
  • VGE real time cycle-by-cycle monitoring

Not Included (order separately):

  • MPC5777C-DEVB MCU: Based on the 32-bit Power Architecture® MPC5777C ultra-reliable MCU together with the FS65 System Basis Chip and the TJA1100 and TJA1145T/FD Ethernet and CAN FD PHY transceivers, the MPC5777C-DEVB facilitates hardware and software development, offering system performance, safety, and security.
  • DC link capacitor
  • IGBT module
  • Water cooling jacket

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  • RDGD3100I3PH5EVB

  • 3-Phase Reference Design for HybridPACK Drive IGBT/SiC module featuring GD3100.

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