Application Software Packs

Designed for use with NXP’s Edge Processing portfolio, NXP’s Application Software Packs (App SW Packs) deliver application-specific production-ready source code in a single, easy-to-use software bundle, allowing developers to speed product development and reduce the complexity of software development. These App SW Packs seamlessly tie together drivers, middleware and tools while demonstrating application functionality with NXP evaluation kits and accessory hardware.

Jump Start Product Development

Offered under a permissive open-source policy as a combination of drivers, middleware, and sample applications, software developers can build upon a single software bundle, or multiple bundles, to realize their end product. These App SW Packs deliver a seamless development experience and offer comprehensive application notes, lab guides and videos to help jump-start product development.

  • Example Software
  • Single Software Bundle
  • Quick Start
  • Enablement