NXP provides a variety of software to enable its hardware provided both on nxp.com and associated github projects. Building your designs and getting to market quickly is easier with market-focused software and development tools. Linux board support packages (BSPs) are tested, certified and frozen, ensuring a fully operational toolchain, kernel and board specific modules that are ready to use together within a fixed configuration for specific hardware reference platforms. In addition, tools, demos and support software are provided to provide additional functionality and show specific use cases. NXP fully supports the Android™ operating system through board support packages for the i.MX range of application processors and also provides Android software for NFC solutions. Complete with reference software a system-validated board support package (BSP), NXP provides you with the tools to test and maximize the performance of the applications you develop. NXP provides software that integrates NXP standard and reference software, along with open source and third-party software to provide an evaluation, development and rapid prototyping platform.