PEG Lite Runtime

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  • Supports monochrome to 65K high color displays
  • Supports custom bitmap based buttons and images
  • Provides basic widgets, such as: text buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, progress bars, sliders, dials, scrollbars, …
  • Supports development of multilingual interfaces (limited to 2 languages)
  • Includes the Window Builder development tool, as WYSIWYG editor and code generator with integrated image converter and font creator
  • PEG Lite is licensed for free on NXP silicon. The free licensing option does not include the initial 12-months of support. This can be purchased separately be contacting
  • Support provides technical support from PEG Software engineers and access to additional releases and patches. Additional support options exist for custom driver development and professional engineering services.


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  • HMI Design Software

    PEG Lite Runtime

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