Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacon Reference Design


BLE Beacon Reference Design


BLE Beacon Reference Design Block Diagram

BLE Beacon Reference Design Block Diagram

Technical and Functional Specifications


  • Complete suite of software with the firmware for Bluetooth low energy stack, iBeacon and custom beacon firmware, Android and iOS apps


  • USB-KW40Z   Active

  • USB Dongle, Kinetis W MCU, KW40Z, KW30Z, KW20Z
    • USB-KW40Z
    • 1 @ US
    • $90.00
    • Buy Direct
    • Distributor
  • FRDM-KW40Z   Active

  • Freedom Development boards for Kinetis KW20Z, KW30Z and KW40Z MCUs
    • FRDM-KW40Z
    • 1 @ US
    • $195.00
    • Distributor

Design Resources

Get Started

Getting Started and Quick Start Guide

Use the following to start developing with the Bluetooth low energy beacon solution