MPC5775B BMS and VCU Reference Design

Engineered for high-voltage BMS applications


RDVCU5775EVM for high-voltage BMS applications
RDVCU5775EVM for high-voltage BMS applications


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MPC5775B BMS and VCU reference design - Block Diagram

MPC5775B BMS and VCU reference design - Block Diagram

Technical and Functional Specifications

  • Combines BMS and VCU functionalities in one ECU
  • Supports dual TPL communication with daisy-chain of BCC device
  • Supports multiple input/output interfaces: MSDI, ADC, GPIO, LSD and HSD
  • Supports multiple communication interfaces: ETH, CAN(FD), LIN and UART
  • Offers two demo app projects for S32SDK and AUTOSAR MCAL
  • Offers GUI tool to easy monitor system over CAN
  • Offers bootloader based on UDS on CAN protocol

  • MPC5775B microcontroller (416 MAPBGA soldered)
  • MC33FS6523CAE system basis chip (SBC) for the board power supply and one CAN physical layer
  • MC33664 isolation transceiver support daisy chain of BCC device MC33771 communication
  • 1 x 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet interface TJA1101
  • 3 x CAN interfaces: two supported via TJA1052 and TJA1145 CAN FD transceivers, another via SBC.
  • 1 x LIN interface MC33662BLEF
  • PCA85063A automotive tiny Real-Time Clock/calendar with alarm function and I²C-bus
  • 1 Mbit automotive external EEPROM with SPI interface
  • Standard 14-pin JTAG debug connector
  • Requires 12 V external DC power supply
  • Main power regulator status LEDs + 2 x user LEDs is connected to GPIO for test


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  • MPC5775B BMS and VCU Reference Design
    • RDVCU5775EVM
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