S32 Software Development Kit for Power Architecture®


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S32SDK Block Diagram

S32SDK Block Diagram


  • Included in S32 Design Studio
  • Processor Expert graphical configuration
  • Integrated NXP software: SBC middleware
  • Support for 3 compilers: GCC, GreenHills, and WindRiver DIAB
  • FreeRTOS or bare-metal with OS interface layer
  • Production-ready drivers with MISRA C 2012 compliance
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP+LWIP)
  • USB stack
  • Storage middleware: SDHC + FatFS

Supported Devices

  • MPC5777C: Ultra-Reliable MPC5777C MCU for Automotive and Industrial Engine Management
  • MPC5746R: Automotive and Industrial Engine Management MCU
  • S32R37: Microcontrollers for Optimized Radar
  • S32R2X: S32R26 and S32R27 Microcontrollers for High-Performance Radar
  • MPC574xP: Ultra-Reliable MPC574xP MCU for Automotive and Industrial Safety Applications
  • MPC574xB-C-G: Ultra-Reliable MPC574xB/C/G MCUs for Automotive and Industrial Control and Gateway


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  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    S32 SDK for Power Architecture®

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