Processor Expert® Software and Embedded Components

Processor Expert® Software is a development system to create, configure, optimize, migrate, and deliver software components that generate source code for our silicon. Processor Expert software covers Our S08/RS08, S12(X), ColdFire®. ColdFire+, Kinetis®, DSC 56800/E, QorIQ® and some other Power Architecture® processors. Processor Expert software is available as part of the CodeWarrior® tool suite or as an Eclipse-based plug-in feature for installation into an independent Eclipse environment.

Embedded Components are modules you install into Processor Expert Software. Each component encapsulates a discrete set of functionality designed to accomplish the component's design objectives. When used, it may generate configuration files, header files, and/or source code depending on the type of component. A component may represent a hardware abstraction, a peripheral driver, a software algorithm (such as data encryption), or any logical collection of software functions.