Embedded Component: Battery Charger BC3770

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  • BC3770 component
    • I2C communication
    • Operational mode management
    • Charger settings (charging currents, voltages)
    • Interrupts handling
  • FRDM-BC3770 component-board features such as
    • Electronic load (ELOAD)
    • Voltages and currents measurement
    • Temperature measurement with NTC thermistor
    • On-board LEDs
  • Channel Allocator component
    • Enables sharing ADC
  • CodeWarrior® and Kinetis® Design Studio example projects
    • GUI to show all features of the charger and the Freedom board
    • Voltages, currents and temperature measurement example

Supported Devices

  • BC3770: 2 A Switch-Mode Li-ion/Li-polymer Battery Charger

System Requirements


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