S32 Software Development Kit

The S32 Software Development Kit (SDK) is an extensive suite of robust hardware interface and hardware abstraction layers, peripheral drivers, real-time operating system (RTOS), stacks, and middleware that helps simplifying and accelerating application development on several S32 systems on chips (SOCs).

The S32SDK is included into S32 Design Studio IDE with graphical configurator support. The addition of S32 Configuration Tool and Processor Expert® technologies for software and board configuration provides unmatched ease of use and flexibility.

AUTOSAR (Classic Platform) software

S32SDK - Fact Sheet

An extensive suite of peripheral abstraction layers, peripheral drivers, RTOS, stacks, and middleware designed to simplify and accelerate application development.

Get to know the robust S32SDK for automotive MCUs

Get to know the robust S32SDK for automotive MCUs

Designed to create synergy between the NXP automotive microcontrollers and customer applications, the S32 Software Development Kit can reduce time-to-market by providing free-of-charge and automotive-qualified software components.