S12ZVM 12 V Electrical Fuel Pump (EFP) Reference Design

Engineered for automotive 3-phase PMSM/BLDC motor control system


S12ZVM-EFP reference design board


Technical and Functional Specifications

  • Supports 12 V power supply system with up to 250 W automotive BLDC/PMSM motor control system
  • Supporst BLDC/PMSM sensorless FOC control, both dual shunt and single shunt
  • Robust and fast start-up, meeting the strict start-up condition ❮ 150ms from standstill to rated speed
  • Crossing the current I/F start-up and initial position detection algorithm ensures successful start-up
  • Board tested against supply voltage changing, load changing, speed command jumping and temperature rising
  • Supports multiple diagnoses and protection strategies using the robust gate driver unit (GDU); also supports over-voltage (OV), under-voltage (UV), short- and over-current (OC), over-temperature (OT) and stall detection
  • Supports user-defined speed commands from PWM/FreeMASTER/LIN


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  • S12ZVM 12 V Electrical Fuel Pump (EFP) Reference Design
    • S12ZVM-EFP
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Getting Started and User Manual

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Control 3-phase motors by 6-step control commutation for BLDC motors or FOC for PM using S12ZVM, S32K1 or MPC5744P MCUs.

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