S32G Reference Design 2 for Vehicle Network Processing

Engineered for central gateway, domain controller, FOTA, secure key management, smart antenna, and high-performance central compute nodes


S32G-VNP-RDB2 Angle view
S32G-VNP-RDB2 Center view
S32G-VNP-RDB2 Top view



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  • S32G Reference Design 2 for Vehicle Network Processing
    • S32G-VNP-RDB2
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Training and Events

This on-demand training will introduce the concept of "vehicle network processing" and explore how future vehicles will require a better performance and networking.

Learn how AWS IoT Greengrass acts as the central control point for in-vehicle software, local Machine Learning inference and manages the publication of data to the cloud over brittle and intermittent network connections using the S32G Vehicle Network Processor that deliver insight into vehicle and driver operations, enabling new business models for OEMs and fleet management.

Learn how SafeRide's VHM solutions simplify and automate the development of advanced neural networks on the S32G Vehicle Network Processor that provide early detection of malfunctions and help predict failures and identify the root cause of problems.

Explore NXP solutions for service-oriented gateways and connectivity to drive new connected vehicle capabilities and business opportunities.

Explore use cases such as OTA updates, in-car/in-cloud data analytics and SDN, examined from the data connectivity and security perspectives.

Lean fundamentals and emerging trends of automotive OTA and electrical architecture to demonstrate how to deploy vehicle-wide updates of everything from firmware to software, including machine learning models and edge analytics modules using the technology integration of Airbiquity OTAmatic and the S32G Vehicle Network Processor.

Learn how the combined solution from NXP, GuardKnox Cyber Technologies, and Green Hills Software is a scalable and flexible mixed-criticality system that can be used across multiple vehicle platforms while easing the transition to the software defined vehicle.

Learn how the complete Ethernet AVB/TSN networking stacks and the precertified ASIL D INTEGRITY real-time operating system can help create a high-performance software architecture meeting critical requirement for ECU safety, secure networking with low latency, determinism and guaranteed bandwidth.