Azure® RTOS for NXP Microcontrollers


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  • Azure RTOS ThreadX: an advanced industrial grade RTOS providing advanced scheduling, communication, synchronization, timer, memory management, and interrupt management facilities
  • Azure RTOS USBX: a high-performance USB host, device, and on-the-go (OTG) embedded stack
  • Azure RTOS FileX: a high-performance, file allocation table (FAT)-compatible file system that supports most physical media, including RAM, Azure RTOS USBX, SD CARD, and NAND/NOR flash memories via Azure RTOS LevelX
  • Azure RTOS NetX Duo: an advanced, industrial-grade TCP/IP network stack including core network protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, TCP, and UDP as well as a complete suite of additional, higher-level add-on protocols
  • Azure RTOS GUIX: a complete graphical user interface (GUI) solution package, supported by Azure RTOS GUIX Studio which provides a complete, embedded (GUI) application design environment

Azure RTOS software is currently available as an optional component from the MCUXpresso SDK Builder and also for direct download in MCUXpresso IDE.
Support is currently available for the following platforms, with NXP adding several more platforms in the near future.


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  • UI Developer

    GUIX Studio design tool for Azure RTOS GUIX

Note: For better experience, software downloads are recommended on desktop.

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