Getting Started with the FRDM-K22F-A8974 Evaluation Board

This page will guide you through the process of setting up and using the FRDM-K22F-A8974 board.

Get to Know the Hardware

2.1 Board Features

  • Sensor evaluation board for FXLS8974CF is offered as sensor kit with FRDM-K22F
  • Enables quick sensor evaluation and helps accelerate quick prototyping and development using NXP sensors
  • Compatible with Arduino and most NXP Freedom development boards
  • Supports I2C and SPI communication interface with host MCU
  • Supports hardware configurability to switch between accelerometer mode (normal versus motion detect) and I2C/SPI interface mode
  • Has multiple test points on the board

2.2 Board Description

The FRDM-STBI-A8974 is a sensor add-on/companion shield board for FXLS8974CF 3- axis low-power motion wake accelerometer.

FRDM-STBI-A8974 sensor shield board is kitted with a FRDM MCU (FRDM-K22F) board to enable quick customer evaluation of FXLS8974CF using sensor toolbox enablement software and tools.

2.3 Kit Featured Components

Overview of the FRDM-K22F-A8974 sensor toolbox development board.

FRDM-K22F-A8974 sensor toolbox development board

Installing Software

Follow the getting started instructions provided for following sensors development software tools to jump-start your evaluation or development using FRDM-STBI-A8974 sensor shield board combined with FRDM-K22F:

Configure the Hardware for Startup

4.1 Using the PCAL6524EV-ARD with an IMXRT1050 EVK Board

  1. Check and confirm FRDM-K22F-A8974 Sensor shield board settings as described below:
    • To select I2C digital interface, connect pins 2-3 of SW2 on FRDM-STBI-A8974 shield board
    • To select SPI digital interface, connect pins 1-2 of SW2 on FRDM-STBI-A8974 shield board.
    • Connect pins 2-3 of SW1 to select default accelerometer operating mode i.e. "ACCEL NORMAL" mode.
  2. Connect FRDM-K22F-A8974 Sensor shield board to FRDM-K22F MCU board using Arduino I/O headers.
  3. Connect the sensor demonstration kit (FRDM-STBI-A8974 shield board kitted with FRDM-K22F) to the training PC via the USB cable between the OpenSDA USB port on the board and the USB connector on the PC.
  4. For a smooth ‘out-of-box’ experience with sensor development software tools, make sure that the latest version of the default OpenSDA boot loader and firmware application is on the FRDM-K22F. This allows debugging, flash programming and serial communication over a USB cable. Obtain the latest OpenSDA drivers for FRDM boards available at OpenSDA update to the FRDM boards.