32 KHz Watch Circuit with Programmable Output Period and Pulse Width

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PCA2002 Block Diagram

PCA2002 Block Diagram

Block diagram: PCA2002CX8, PCA2002U, PCA2003U


  • Amplitude-regulated 32 kHz quartz crystal oscillator, with excellent frequency stability and high immunity to leakage currents
  • Electrically programmable time calibration with 1 ppm resolution stored in One Time Programmable (OTP) memory
  • The quartz crystal is the only external component required
  • Very low current consumption: typically 90 nA
  • Output pulses for bipolar stepping motors
  • Five different programmable output periods (1 s to 30 s)
  • Output pulse width programmable between 1 ms and 8 ms
  • Full or chopped motor pulse and pulse stretching, selectable
  • Stop function for accurate time setting and current saving during shelf life
  • Test mode for accelerated testing of the mechanical parts of the watch
  • Test bits for type recognition

Target Applications

  • Driver circuits for bipolar stepping motors
  • High immunity motor drive circuits
  • High production volumes

Part numbers include: PCA2002U, PCA2002DUS.


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