NXP® supports the entire entertainment chain from source to speaker. As a well-established player in the audio market, you can expect outstanding quality and design-in support for automotive, portable and domestic applications.

Our products are leading performers for sound, robustness and EMC performance. We pay special attention to energy efficiency, utilizing capabilities for system cost saving such as stop-start for automotive applications. We offer the highest output power for integrated solutions. You have the choice, and with our broad product portfolio you can mix and match Class-D and AB products. Also, to optimize your design we offer in-depth product knowledge with our best-in-class design-in support teams.

Product Description
Audio Amplifiers for Portable Devices Louder sound, deeper bass, better quality and longer life of Amplifiers for Portable Devices.
Class-AB Cost-effective to support variety of architectures. Affordable solutions for Flat TV.
Class-AB (car radio) Our Class-AB amplifiers offer best-in-class performance for car radio and sound systems. Their design supports low pop noise and general noise reduction with differential inputs.
Class-D Our class-D amplifiers combine high reliability with genuine affordability, and add meaningful features that improve performance.
Class-D (car radio) Our Class-D car audio amplifiers combine high audio quality with significantly reduced heat dissipation in the vehicle head unit, which simplifies thermal management while reducing the size and cost of high-power car audio systems.