C-5™ Network Processor (NP)

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  • The C-5® network processor incorporates an unprecedented combination of functionality, computing power, and data bandwidth in a flexible architecture. This architecture supports complete programmability from Layer 2 through Layer 7 of the ISO model, allowing the C-5 network processor to be used in a wide range of networking applications. In addition, the C-5 network processor's simple programming model and advanced development tools enable you to get to market sooner with clearly differentiated products.

    Cell and packet processing, table lookup processing, and queue management functions are all integrated into the C-5 network processor architecture. With the addition of physical interfaces, memory (for payload, circuit/routing tables, and payload descriptor queues), and minimal support logic, the C-5 network processor can be used to implement intelligent, high-performance, mixed media, multiport, multiprotocol switches and routers.

    Stable programming interfaces, a complete development environment, and third-party support through the 恩智浦合作伙伴计划 partner program contribute to a fully integrated platform approach that can solve a wide range of communications tasks and simplify the development of full-featured networking applications.

    This secure website provides access to C-Port family supplemental information and software downloads not available on the C-Port product pages.



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