Full-Bridge Controller IC for HID Automotive Lighting

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Product Details

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Block Diagram


UBA2036TS Block Diagram


Key Features

  • Full bridge driver circuit
  • Predefined bridge position during start-up
  • Adaptive non-overlap
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes
  • 464 V integrated high voltage level shift function to drive HID lamps below GND
  • 550 V series regulator input to make the internal supply
  • Latch-up free and robust
  • 550 V maximum bridge voltage
  • Accurate bridge disable function
  • Input for start-up delay
  • Adjustable oscillator frequency
  • Selectable frequency divider

Target Applications

  • Commutator controller for HID lamps in car headlights
  • Commutator controller for HID lamps in general lighting applications
  • Commutator controller for HID lamps in projector applications
  • Driver (via external MOSFETs) for any load in a full-bridge configuration

Part numbers include: UBA2036TS.


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