LPC43S67-A70CM Cloud Connectivity Kit

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  • This page contains information on a product that is no longer manufactured (discontinued). Specifications and information herein are available for historical reference only.

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Product Details

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Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

LPC4300 Arm Cortex-M4/M0

Zentri Secure Connected Product Platform

The Kit also includes the ZentriOS, ZentriOS SDK, Zentri DMS, and Zentri MobileSDK, all part of the Zentri Secure Connected Product Platform, downloadable from the Zentri portal (enabled through Kit purchase).


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Design Resources

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Design Files

4 design files

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    LPCXpresso43S67 Development Board (OM13084) Schematics

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    Zentri Wi-Fi SD card Schematics

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    LPC43xx-18xx BOM

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    LPC General Purpose Shield (OM13082) Schematics


1 software file

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    LPCOpen Software Development Platform

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