MSDI with Suppressed Wake-up and 32 mA Wetting Current

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Product Details

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Block Diagram

Simplified Application Drawing

Simplified Application Drawing Block Diagram - G-30106


System Features

  • Designed to operate from 5.5 V <= VPWR <= 28 V
  • Switch input voltage range: -14 V to VPWR 40 V Max
  • Interfaces to microprocessor using 3.3 V/5.0 V SPI protocol
  • Selectable wake-up on change of state
  • 14 switch-to-ground inputs
  • Eight programmable inputs (switches to supply or ground)
  • Selectable wetting current (32 mA or 4 mA for switch-to-ground inputs)
  • Sleep State current: VPWR 100 µA, VDD 20 µA
  • Signal conditioning and switch monitoring device function
  • Package termination count: 32
  • SSOP32 package type
  • SPI interface and input control
  • Load supply voltage 5.5 V (Min), 26 V (Max)
  • Ambient operating temperature -40 °C (Min), 85 °C (Max)


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